Hi, I’m Angel Shannon,

founder and executive director of Seva Health and The Seva Institute where we put mindfulness and compassion in action to help you live longer and live better. 


As a board certified nurse practitioner and mental health professional, I specialize in all things integrative health. Whether you’re feeling whole body burnout or trying to prevent burnout altogether, the answers you’re looking for do exist!  I’m here to make the science simple and give you the tips, tools and strategies you need to change your life, not just your symptoms–naturally. 


Are you ready to renew, refresh and reinvent your life?

Seva Health

Have you been told by your doctor you’re “fine” even though you don’t feel fine?


You are not alone.


At Seva Health we believe that nobody knows you better than you do.  We also know that chronic stress changes the way your body looks, moves and feels. Your gut microbiome and neuroendocrine systems are very complex, with multiple neurotransmitters and hormones affecting every aspect of your health. This is why we do healthcare differently and take an integrative approach to health to help you change your life, not just your symptoms.


We have helped many people just like you find relief from symptoms of untreated, undiagnosed and misdiagnosed conditions and our holistic approach can help you regain the happiness and calm you once felt, before stress, fatigue, inflammation and frustration set in.


Your invitation to rescue your mind, mood and metabolism to feel better is here.

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“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


The Seva Institute

Whether you subscribe to my podcast, heard me on a television interview, or saw me on a stage, you know that my mission is to help you gain the clarity, courage and confidence you need to design the life you deserve.


With a healthy dose of mindfulness and radical self-compassion you really can break the burnout cycle and overcome the roadblocks that are holding you back in your life.


But I know what you’re thinking: sounds good, but where do I begin?


How do I start putting myself first after being last for so long without feeling guilty?


How do I make time for myself without missing out on important priorities in my life? 


How do I create a vision of the life I want without feeling bitter and resentful of the life that I have? 


The Seva Institute is here for you.


Whether you’re a new parent whose world is being rocked in ways you couldn’t have ever imagined or an empty nester who’s ready to write a new chapter in your life, whether you’re struggling to figure out what’s missing in your life or crystal clear on what you want and need support in making the changes to make it happen, The Seva Institute is here to help spark your reinvention to design the life you deserve.


Through courses, coaching and community we have the tools you need to find the answers you’re looking using simple yet timeless practices integrated into your everyday life, right from where you are. 

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“When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

Join me on the journey

In these troubling times when many people are so disconnected from one another, what I know for sure is that we can only be wise together. Whether it’s losing a few pounds, learning a new skill or tackling a global pandemic – community restores our hope for the future. 


Community reintroduces us to the timeless process of good conversation where we are not afraid to discuss the things that matter most to us, confront our challenges and gain the wisdom we need to solve our problems together.


Community is the answer to a polarized world where there is more impatience and exhaustion than ever impacting our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  


We don’t need another app, algorithm or platform that only creates more artificial belonging.


You’re invited to join a community created for people just like you who want to live authentic lives; a community that reawakens two simple facts about health and healing: 1) humans crave connection and 2) connection is what gives us access to a greater source of wisdom that is only found in the collective – wisdom that is not just in one of us, but all of us. 

Are you ready to renew, refresh and reinvent your life?

My reinvention story

I’ll never forget the feeling of being at the end of my rope and tired of being tired. Working twelve hour night shifts in the intensive care unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore while also raising two young children left me with no time and no energy to attend to my own health. Like everyone else struggling through the night shift, coffee and unhealthy snacks kept me awake. Weekends were spent playing catch up on my sleep in between swim meets, baseball games and events that I didn’t want my children to miss. 


I gained weight. My body was worn down. I was burned out and frustrated in my career.


I know what it feels like to put your health on the back burner for family obligations. I know how hard it is to leave a well-paying career that pays the bills but leaves you unfulfilled. And I know what it feels like to wake up wondering why your body seems to be fighting against you with aches, pains, a lousy mood and the numbers on the scale to prove it. 


I knew it was time to change my life not just my symptoms.


Taking retreat, slowing down my fast-paced life and learning how to weave the sacred experience of rest, renewal and reflection into  every day changed my life and it can change yours, too. 


You deserve the opportunity to thrive, with strong, resilient health that fuels your daily life.


My mission at Seva Health and The Seva Institute is to make the science of good health simple and help you break the burnout cycle to experience the joy and vitality you need to design the life you deserve.

More resources for you!

Price: $5.99

Anahita is the ancient Persian goddess of fertility, water, health, healing and wisdom. She is revered as The Protector of Women. In Sanskrit, the name anāhitā means “of the waters, mighty, and immaculate.”


This extended track is your invitation to release the worries of the day, relax your senses and prepare your mind and body for deep, healing sleep.  It is composed with binaural beats at Delta 2Hz which have been found in clinical studies to be beneficial for stress relief, meditation and relaxation.


Composed and produced exclusively for The Seva Institute.

Price: $$9.99

Three extended tracks of calm and peaceful music that are perfect for morning meditation, midday rejuvenation and restful sleep at night.



Track 1: Morning Song: gentle flute, bass and piano with wistful sounds of birdsong and soft strings.

Track 2: River Song: gentle piano over soothing ocean waves.

Track 3: Good Night’s Sleep: solo harp and evening nature sounds to lull you into a deep, restful sleep.


Composed and produced exclusively for The Seva Institute.

Angel V. Shannon,


is a personal development keynote speaker, board certified nurse practitioner and founder of Seva Health and The Seva Institute. Her podcasts and inspiring presentations are drawn from nearly three decades of clinical practice and lifetime study of integrative health and mind-body medicine. Through courses, coaching, community and compassion practice, Angel teaches overworked professionals how to break free from clinical burnout and gain the clarity, courage and confidence they need to design the life they deserve. 

What People Are Saying

“Seeing wellness as a wheel in the way that Angel has designed it instead of a list has made wellness more accessible to me. There is no first place where one must start and no order in which things must be achieved in order to be successful. I’m also intrigued with addressing financial and environmental wellness as key components of our well-being and sense of health. We truly cannot feel secure or be able to manifest other aspects of health without the financial piece in place.  Angel’s approach has allowed me to engage with the concept of wellness in a creative fashion instead of feeling that there was something punitive about making time and space to care for myself. I also love the community she’s creating.”

Jill M., Wisconsin, USA ~ Workshop Participant and Community Member

“I love the Design the Life You Deserve Vision Board parties and I can’t wait for your first retreat.  I was so impressed with what you presented and the beautiful group of women that attended.  The experience resonated with me so much and I plan to continue.  I’m slowly going through our house and simplifying and donating.  It wears me out but I know it is an important part of this journey of reinvention that you teach.  I’m not powering through tasks anymore as I did all my life.  Learning to be gentle and discover self love and self compassion is fascinating. Your workshop came at the best time for me and being in community makes everything I’m learning even better. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, Angel. I can’t thank you enough.”

Linda R., USA ~ Workshop Participant and Community Member  

“As a dedicated nurse practitioner, Angel Shannon has her finger on the pulse of our times, when rapid technological and social change adds to the existing stressors of daily living. Her seamless integration of Western medicine and complementary, proven methods of care offers a refreshing approach to relaxation, healing, and vitality.  Extremely knowledgeable about the medical establishment and deeply immersed in an understanding of women’s health, Angel brings insight, passion, and years of scientific research to all facets of her work.  Her serene yet commanding presence in the field of modern medicine will be of benefit for years to come for all who truly seek new pathways to quality living.”

Tulani Salahu-Din, Research and Writing Consultant, Maryland, USA

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