Private Session With Angel – Bacalar Retreat



Option #1: Heart Math With Angel

Schedule a one hour private session with Angel to learn and practice the principles of heart intelligence in a quiet retreat setting. You’ll learn five techniques for bringing heart and mind into coherence to respond to daily challenges with more ease, awareness, balance and clear discernment. (Must be prescheduled after general registration).


Option #2: Every Day QiGong + Self Massage

With the stress and noise of modern life it’s very easy to overlook the body’s cry for help. From stiff, aching joints to migraines and headaches it’s time to put ancient healing wisdom in practice. In this one hour private session with Angel you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice basic QiGong movements that improve circulation, nourish vital organs and improve energy and vitality in your body.  Self-massage will help you regulate nervous, scattered thoughts, improve your breathing and digestion and help you nourish the Qi (life force energy) in your body. (Must be pre-scheduled after registration).


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