Private Sessions With Angel – Bacalar Retreat


Option #1: Story & Studio Time (1 hr)

Feeling lost, disconnected, ready for a fresh start but don’t know where to begin? That’s why you’re going on retreat! Schedule a one hour private studio session with Angel to learn  the principles of life design so that you can get unstuck and start living a life filled with meaning and purpose.


As a published author of poems, prose, and creative non-fiction, Angel will help you excavate the empowering, overarching themes of your life to jump start the creation of your unique story board. More than just a vision board filled with dreams, your story board helps you reconnect to the life lessons that have served you, empowering you to get off of the bench and start building your life forward, brick by brick.


Combining breath exercises that help you relax and written prompts that help you visualize and explore, you will connect and commit to what is most meaningful to your life right now.  You’ll return home with a visual story board you can continue to build on and science-backed techniques that help you respond to life’s daily challenges with more ease, awareness, and discernment. Multiple sessions can be booked. Must be prescheduled with your general registration.



Option #2: Awaken Your Qi (1 hr)

With the stress and noise of modern life it’s very easy to overlook the body’s cry for help. From stiff, aching joints to migraines and headaches it’s time to put ancient healing wisdom in practice. In this one hour private session with Angel you’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice basic QiGong movements that improve circulation, nourish vital organs and improve energy and vitality in your body.  Self-massage will help you regulate nervous, scattered thoughts, improve your breathing and digestion and help you nourish the Qi (life force energy) in your body. Multiple sessions can be booked. Must be prescheduled with your general registration.



Option #3: Private Photo Shoot

Capture the precious memories of your transformative journey to Bacalar in your own private photo shoot.  Through the lens, you’ll discover a newfound appreciation for your body, spirit, and the journey you’re on. Schedule this unique experience and leave with timeless images that reflect the radiant woman you are. Must be pre-scheduled. Contact us directly after registration for pricing and scheduling. details.



Option #4: Post-Retreat Reintegration Private Coaching Session (90 min)

You’ve had a soul-stirring transformation in Bacalar, now what? How do you bring everything you’ve learned in retreat into your everyday life? In this private, post-retreat reintegration session you’ll gain the tools and support you need to make the most of the insights you’ve gained and the positive changes you’ve experienced during your time away. May be scheduled before or after your retreat. Contact us for pricing. 



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